Laser cutting is a significant part of BCL precision metal fabrication business. Various CNC Laser cutting equipment will generate parts in a 5’ x 10’ envelope.

With our TRUMPF TruLaser cutters, we can offer the right solution for any application.  These 5 foot by 10 foot flat sheet laser cutters enable an unparalleled mix of speed, versatility and simplicity.  These compact machines come with a standard pallet changer with a number of advanced automation options.

Our Equipment


BCL has purchased a Trumpf next generation fiber optic laser. It will be delivered and installed third quarter of 2016.

The TruLaser 3030 fiber boasts of high flexibility and profitability: In particular it cuts mild steel with profitably at all sheet thicknesses. The TruDisk 3001 solid-state laser enables the processing of non-ferrous metals and, in addition, provides you with an extra productivity benefit when it comes to thin sheets. Proven functions such as the automatic nozzle changer provide for minimum downtimes.

  • Profitable mild steel processing at all sheet thicknesses

  • High flexibility due to processing of tubes and of non-ferrous metals

  • Production advantages in the thin-sheet range

  • The one-cutting-head strategy and automatic nozzle changer result in minimized downtimes

  • Maximum energy efficiency

TruLaser 3030 fiber Working range
X axis :120″
Y axis: 60″
Z axis: 4.5″

Max. material thickness with TruDisk 4001
Mild steel: .75″/1″
Stainless steel: .75″
Aluminium: .75″
Copper: 5/16″
Brass: 5/16″

Max. axis speed simultaneous

Length: 366″
Width: 200″
Height: 95″
Weight: 26,000 lbs


  • Sheet thicknesses of up to .98″ can be cut

  • Greater variety of material: The cutting of copper and brass with TRUMPF cutting data

  • Problem-free processing of sheets with film coating without previous vaporizing

  • Option of converting flat metal to tube processing with the RotoLas accessory


  • The one-cutting-head strategy with collision protection and automatic nozzle changer result in minimized downtimes

  • Higher machine dynamics due to direct drive

  • Productivity advantage with thin sheets thanks to the TruDisk solid-state laser

  • Fast and efficient post-production and efficient utilization of remainder sheets thanks to the Drop&Cut function

  • High throughput and high process reliability due to intelligent functions


  • High-quality results in thick sheet metal thanks to the BrightLine fiber option

Operator friendliness

  • Good view within the machine with total laser safety

  • Ergonomic control panel with graphic user interface and self-explaining touch function operation

  • Simple maintenance and internal cleaning possible because of easy accessibility

Efficiency +

  • High-quality results in thick sheet metal thanks to the BrightLine fiber option


Our TruLaser 5030 / 5040 / 5060 high-end flatbed laser machine guarantees high productivity and efficiency.

This is ensured by the one-cutting-head strategy as well as the high process stability. Many different automation options and other smart operating features ensure outstanding results in continuous operation.

  • High productivity

  • Enormous joint speed and positioning dynamics

  • Excellent energy balance thanks to the world’s most efficient CO2 laser

  • Maximum process reliability in unmanned operation thanks to the Smart Nozzle Automation option

  • Cut edges of the highest quality throughout the whole machining spectrum

Working Range

X axis: 120 in.
Y axis:  60 in.
Z axis: 4.5 in.

Max Material Thickness with TruFlow 5000

Mild Steel:            .75″
Stainless Steel:    .50″
Aluminum:          .50″

Max axis speed simultaneous

Length: 390″
Width:   180″
Height:  95″
Weight: 26,000lbs


  • Minimized non-productive time thanks to the one-cutting-head strategy and optional nozzle changer

  • Reduced positioning times through simultaneous displacement of cutting heads

  • Reliable end-to-end processing thanks to the Smart Nozzle Automation option

  • Modular automation options

  • Intuitive operating concept

  • Mobile operation and monitoring of the machine using the MobileControl App


  • Precise contour cutting due to stable machine concept

  • High-performance CO2 cutting optics guarantees best-quality sheet metal parts of all thicknesses

  • Consistent quality throughout the working zone due to the fixed beam length


  • Sheets up to 50 mm thick can be processed

  • Different outputs for diverse processing tasks because of various beam sources

  • Support when processing materials and sheet thicknesses that require special treatment through innovative functions, such as CoolLine


  • Excellent energy balance thanks to the world’s most efficient CO2 laser

  • Reduced power consumption by more than 9,000 kWh per year due to the enhanced chillers in the laser cutting machines

  • Optimized standby mode of the TruFlow laser for reduced power consumption by up to 40 percent in processing preparation time

  • Highly precise beam guidance enables metal parts to be cut using the smallest of nozzle diameters and consequently with minimal gas consumption

  • Low-scratch processing and thus a minimum of scrap thanks to the concept of “flying optic”


TRUMPF TruLaser 2030

Laser Output: 2000 Watts
X-Axis Travel: 121″
Y-Axis Travel: 49″
Z-Axis Travel: 4.5″
Maximum Sheet Size: 50″ x 120″
Maximum Sheet Thickness: 0.5″
Max Simultaneous X/Y Speed: 6,650 IPM