Laser cutting is a significant part of BCL precision metal fabrication business. Various CNC Laser cutting equipment will generate parts in a 5’ x 10’ envelope.

LISSMAC Grinding Machines of the SMW 5 series set benchmarks for perfect surface finish using the wet grinding process. The SMW 5 is built according to the modular principle and can be individually configured to meet customer requirements and is characterized by low tool costs, simple handling and also by the cost effective price-performance ratio which results in short amortization times.

Our Equipment


SMW 523

• Surface machining or deburring of workpieces up to 120 mm sheet metal thickness
• Freely configurable – individually customised to the customer’s requirement
• High quality surface finish up to fine grinding
• Simultaneous deburring of interior and exterior contours
• Wet machining
• Simple, intuitive operation
• The processing units can be individually adjusted or turned on and off electrically.
• Maximum productivity while maintaining machining quality
• Faster and simpler tool change within just a few minutes
• Modular and compact in modern machine design – smaller footprint
• Improved work environment – Reduction of dust, dirt and noise
• Optionally available: Conveyor Technology, Filter Technology; Handling Systems, Automation; Custom Solutions
• Especially suitable for the material mix
• Entire process lines – Grinding and Part Cleaning


Total height 84”
Machine width 70”
Total length 67”
Height of conveyor belt 33”
Working width with vacuum hold 39”
Max work piece height 4”
Max work piece width 47”