Technical support in design and development of new product are an integral part of our welding processes.

BCL can adapt our welding processes to fit your requirements.

Our welding services include AWS-D17-1, DWS-D1.1 and AWS-D1.2.

Robotic Welding

MIG & TIG Welding

Our Equipment



Setting the standard in the welding industry for quality, reliability and productivity since 1996. The PerformArc is backed by Miller today and tomorrow.

Manufacturing Flexibility

Large rotation diameter and heavy payload capacity allow multiple or progressive fixtures.

Provides flexible platform for changing production needs.

Coordinated Motion

Outboard Servo Positioners allows the parts to be rotated into the desired welding position, maximizing torch access and welding quality.

High performance AC servo motors for precision indexing, load balancing and quick stopping capability.

Full Range of Welding Processes

  • AccuPulse

  • AccuCurve



  • 100% CO2

  • RMD

  • Active Wire Process -low energy short circuit and zero spatter.

  • GMAW-P

  • GTAW -with and without filler

  • Aluminum -low pulse, dual pulse, synchronized weaving

  • Servo Push-Pull Torch

  • Arc Data Monitoring

  • Offline Programming -DTPS

High Production, Small Footprint System , Wide Configuration, Heavy Capacity
60″ span between the head and tail stock with 1100 lb. capacity on each side.

Wide configuration allows a second robot to be added, theoretically doubling throughput with no additional floor space required.

Easy to slide teach access doors keep the system slim and allow for tight stacking to maximize production and minimize floor space.