The hydraulic machine delivers 8 tons of ram force, with a 24-in. throat depth. Its positive-stop cylinder is designed for use with soft materials such as aluminum so that fasteners can be inserted without crushing or deforming the part.

Our Equipment

The Haeger 824 MSP Hardware Insertion Machine includes a PLC Touch Screen and a Manual locking 4 Station Turret Insertion System which enables the insertion of up to four different fasteners in one part handling.

  • Manual 4 station turret allows insertion of 4 different fasteners in the same part handling

  • PLC touch screen to set force, dwell, up travel,Batch Counter and TPS for each station

  • 8 tons (72kN) of ram force; 24 inch (610mm) throat depth

  • Fully hydraulic; PLC electrical controls

  • Equipped with Haeger’s patented Safety System

Positive Stop Cylinder

The 824 MSP includes a Positive Stop Cylinder. The positive stop is designed for use with soft materials such as PC boards, plastics, fiberglass and aluminum—it allows fasteners to be inserted without crushing or deforming the part.

Haeger’s patented Safety System, Variable Dwell Timer and Adjustable RAM Retract Position

Haeger’s patented Safety System is effective at any point in the ram stroke irrespective of the tooling length, requiring no set up by the operator; thus not affecting initial machine set up time. The variable dwell timer is available for inserting fasteners into stainless steel.

MAS (Modular Autofeed System)

The 824 MSP can be equipped with an optional MAS (Modular Auto Feed System) unit. Auto feeding is three times quicker than manual insertion and empowers you to: Automatically orientate, singulate, and feed nuts, studs, and standoffs without having to change the auto feed bowl, experience fast and easy tooling changeover, change-over from nuts to studs or standoffs in less than three minutes, and feed up to 2,000 fasteners per hour.